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Thursday, 21 January 2016 00:52

The operator APM Terminals and Maersk shipping new round activities

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The Industry News, and terminal operator APM Maersk shipping group failed to follow through the year in terms of profitability, to think about forming new relationships.


APM terminal operators and shipping business Maersk signed a contract whereby the capacity Maersk ships for mooring and loading terminals strategically important in the assessment are to be assigned. Note that according to the terms of the contract, essentially all of the benefits and risks associated with ownership terminal APM, the Maersk shipping will be realized.

In the past, both sides are interested in doing business separately from each other were, in fact, terminal operators, APM policy adopted to this guarantee to customers that the as an independent operator function-benefit-commercial shipping, Maersk and other customers prefer does not, on the other hand Maersk shipping acclaimed a terminal facility operators did not use APM.

Remarkably, since 2009, the container market was faced with the worst crisis, followed by a significant decrease rate of profit and terminal operators, APM Maersk shipping occurred.

APM terminal operators in 2015, reports 27.3 percent drop in net profit compared to last year's, as the company's head office is based in The Hague, fee rates due to reduced product volume was dependent on oil markets .

The parent company terminal operator APM said low oil prices led to a sharp decrease in the volume of imports of oil producers in West Africa, Russia and Brazil.


APM terminals has left negative results.

APM Terminals in general performance among the companies that they work for Maersk shipping, the best place for the second year in a row won.

In terms of container trade volume, the operator will reach 36 million TEU by 6 percent in the fourth quarter of 2015 showed a profit of $ 221 million to $ 117 million fell operator. Other hand, the income of a million dollars, while last year was estimated at $ 1.1 million, which consequently leads to a reduction in capital gains.


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